Thursday, February 6, 2014


I so want to enjoy blessing my kids. Surprising them with little things here and there. But, I never get to.

"Mom, can I have..."

"Mom, can we go..."

"Mom, why can't we..."

"Mom, but I don't wanna..."

"Mom, how come..."

"Mom, do you have..."

"Mom, do we have to..."

I never get the chance to bless them with the little things when they're whining about other littler things. And, it's frustrating. I'm tired of being the "no" mommy instead of the "yes" mommy.

Today was the first time in a *really* long time I was able to do some nice little things for them while out grocery shopping. And, it seemed to make a big difference today. Lots of hugs and "thank you, Momma's."

Why can't it be like this everyday?

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