Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Over it.

I'm bored with our curriculum.

There I've said it. The curriculum that I so carefully researched and prayed about. The one I was sure was a *perfect* fit. I'm still done with it.

I have 8-9 more weeks of school and I'm over it.

I love American history and I'm still over it.

I find myself more and more critical of our "core" curriculum - the joint subjects that we do together as a family: Bible reading, social studies, science. It is an all-in-one type thing but even the language arts and math we've branched off from, changed, or added to.

And, I think the homeschool companies seriously have our number about this. LOL They know that this time of year - after the cabin fever of a frigid Midwestern winter - we are ready to break out and break free of whatever we've been doing for the last 2-3 months.

And, the curriculum sales will start in about a week.

"Buy in March and get 40% off!"

"Buy in April and get 30% off!"

"Buy in May and get 20% off"

"Buy in June and get 10% off"

And, after that, you are on your own! LOL

I've already got a brainstorm sheet going with my wish list of 2014-2015 materials. Heck, I've already ordered my lesson plan book/organizer/calendar thingy! But, pulling the trigger on purchasing next year's stack of learning is intimidating at best.

But, again, it's all about one's state of mind. That freedom to tweak and try other things and find what works is both a blessing and a curse of homeschooling. It can lead a home educator into fits of anxiety or energize them with new opportunities.

Ultimately, like with one's faith, it's a matter of keeping one's eyes on the bigger picture.

Yea, we did ancient history last year and American history this year while I have NO idea what the Vikings' public school friends are doing. Yea, Pojke's probably behind grade level on reading but he's doing multiplication tables! At eight! OK, Flicka's doing 3rd grade grammar but 4th grade math.

But, are they learning the basics that apply to all things: a strong faith, an ability to reason, and an ability to communicate? Bigger picture stuff that will apply to whatever is coming next.

So, we are chugging along...counting the days til we're done. Some days, we're skipping "fun" stuff to just be able to close the books for the day. Will I find a better math program for Pojke? Eventually. Will I try yet another cursive program hoping this one "clicks" for Flicka? You bet! add a strong Bible component next year? Absolutely! Am I going to make sure there is more arts and music for the 2014-2015 year. Hopefully.

Like most things in life, it's often more about the journey than the destination. While this year's materials seem to not *fit* us anymore, it's just goes to show how much we've all grown and learned this year.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

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  1. I think I remember that you like the hands on Montessori type schooling, but if you're interested in trying something different, I really like Ambleside Online. The plan is free and many of the books are in the public domain, but you'd still have to lay out something in books and you'd still have to find a math curriculum.